a concept that allows individuals to utilize Permanent Life Insurance in a way that most individuals and even other insurance agents could never have imagined.

We specialize in structuring policies that maximize the living benefits such as Safety, Liquidity, Guaranteed Growth, and Tax Benefits, that can only be found within a Permanent Life Insurance Policy. Through Cash Flow Banking you can manage debt, decrease interest payments to loans (credit cards, personal lines of credit, business loans, etc), create a personal banking and financing system, develop a tax free or tax deferred retirement program, just to name a few.

Some of the unique benefits of Cash Flow Banking:

  • Guaranteed Growth
  • Is available to you at any time and for any reason
  • Can be utilized tax free and without penalty
  • Is not subject to market fluctuations
  • Many more!

The primary vehicle by which an individual can participate in this strategy is through the use of a Whole Life Insurance Policy, which acts as the individual’s lending vehicle. The Whole Life Insurance policy becomes your bank. Whenever you need to make a large purchase, you borrow money out of the policy like you might with a bank. However unlike traditional financing, you are earning the interest, rather than the bank.

In this way, Cash Flow Banking allows you to remove the bank from the equation and essentially become your own bank. Most people have never thought that acting as lender, or in essence becoming your own banker, was an option, but with Hensley Capital Management and Cash Flow Banking, you are able to make this a possibility and have the opportunity for financial freedom.

Setting Up the “Family Bank”

Ideally, you’ll die late in life with assets and your entire net worth at its highest point. With proper wealth strategy planning you can create a “family bank” whereby your grandchildren and great-grandchildren could borrow sums of money from the family bank to pursue opportunities. This is the way wealth families stay wealthy for generations – they replace their assets at each generation’s passing.

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